Is Racial Justice an Environmental Issue?: A Continued Conversation of Anti-Blackness in Conservation

Join Karlyn Bradley, Founder/CEO of The High Priestess Consulting Company LLC and TREC as they take a deep dive exploring the question what is the role, if any, of Racial Justice in conservation and environmental movements. We will aim to move through the complexities of this question particularly in the current socio-political moment that is actively hostile to and working to undo Racial Justice work. This webinar is a continuation of the conversation from the Anti-Blackness in Conservation webinar (view below).

Some Discussion Questions to Consider and Practice:

  1. How would you define or explain Anti-Blackness?
  2. What does Anti-Blackness mean to us as an organization?
  3. What does Anti-Blackness mean to me, as an individual?

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Contact: Karlyn Bradley, High Priestess Consulting and Ellie Stanley, TREC

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Background Image: American Rivers | Scott Bosse

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