Mission & Vision

TREC builds the effectiveness of conservation leaders, organizations, and collaboratives by providing premier, integrated capacity-building services, delivered in-depth and over time.

We believe in conservation leaders, organizations, and collaboratives working effectively to conserve, protect, and restore the wild lands, wild waters, native wildlife, and environment of Western North America.



Thanks to the generosity of Wilburforce Foundation, TREC is able to go deep. We provide in-depth services from multiple perspectives, often over a period of several years. We organize our services around three different levels: leaders, organizations, and campaigns. We apply our services in an integrated fashion. Often organizations are best served by services from several of our program areas, for example working simultaneously on leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Traditional training and consulting tends to be more episodic and focused on “presenting problems.” Since the “presenting problem” may not be the core issue but a symptom of the issue, the training, coaching or consulting may not result in sustained organizational change or individual transformation. Furthermore, under traditional training and consulting, individuals receive services, and sometimes inspiration to be agents of change, but then have little chance at success because new learning is not experience, and is not embraced by others in their organization.

We are committed to seeing real, sustained change that results in tangible conservation outcomes. To that end, we focus our capacity-building work on organizations that are positioned to have the greatest impact on conservation. We look for readiness in the leaders. We look for campaigns that are poised for impact.

TREC's Outcome Map

Capacity-building outcomes have often been viewed as a well-attended workshop or dissemination of practical information on “best practices” on some aspect of organizational management – both valuable. However, TREC defines capacity-building outcomes in a larger and more holistic way. We take a systems approach, working at all levels – leaders, organizations, and campaigns or collaborations.

Background Image: WildEarth Guardians