Vision and Mission

TREC’s vision is leaders, organizations, and diverse networks collaborating to support the well-being and interconnectedness of Western North America’s lands, peoples, and animals. TREC’s mission is to amplify the innate capacity of individuals, organizations, and networks by providing inclusive, responsive, holistic, and in-depth capacity-building services.

TREC’s Approach

Thanks to Wilburforce Foundation’s deep commitment to capacity building and consistent financial support of TREC, we are able to provide in-depth capacity building services to clients in multiple service areas, often over several years. We work to live up to the tremendous privilege of this stable funding by leveraging it to amplify diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organization, our services, with our clients, and in our sector.

Capacity building has often been viewed as experts disseminating practical information on organizational systems and management. However, at TREC, we don’t believe there is only one “best practice.” We offer workshops on “better practices,” and consulting and coaching based on our experience. We look to identify how white dominant culture has been embedded in capacity building practices, nonprofit organizations, and the conservation movement, and we continually work to dismantle its oppressive impacts. We strive to identify and amplify diverse approaches, perspectives, and experiences.

We view clients as partners, and we are in service to their needs. We listen to their aspirations, and we support them to live into their mission and meet their goals. In our work with clients, we support their innate wisdom, capacity, and passion.  

We take a whole-system approach in our capacity building. We explore with clients all aspects of their organization – programs, people, and money – and we provide support at all levels – individuals, organizations, and networks. We believe that sustained, positive transformation will entail change at all levels.

We apply our services in an integrated fashion to leverage their impact. Client organizations receive support in several service areas consecutively or simultaneously. And multiple individuals from client organizations receive TREC services.

TREC’s team of capacity builders:

  • Works with clients to co-create solutions that reflect their unique values, needs, and aspirations.
  • Develops and provides resources to help groups manage their programs, people, and money.
  • Celebrates leaders with diverse leadership styles and helps people to live into their unique strengths.
  • Supports people to work through challenges and obstacles.
  • Consults organizations to help them increase their capacity and impact.
  • Facilitates and supports organizations and coalitions as they work to set clear goals and achieve them.
  • Explores and assesses the impact of our work and the emerging needs of clients and the sector.
  • Refines, enhances, and expands our services as we learn from our own evaluations and experiences, from our clients, and from lessons learned by others in the field of capacity building.

Background Image: Rio Grande, NM | TREC | Annie Callender

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