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Bolster the Health of your Team by Building a Culture of Engagement and Inclusion

Engaged staff members who feel not only seen but valued for their diverse perspectives and experiences are more likely to innovate, take on challenges, stay on the job, and work as a team. These essential qualities make all the difference when it comes to increasing your impact and building the inclusive movement we collectively seek to create. In this webinar, you’ll explore core practices that support engagement and inclusion, and leave with a running start on next steps to support your team, whether you’re operating virtually or in-person.

Contact: Kristi Chester Vance, TREC

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Foundations of Management

Most conservationists and activists don’t have degrees in management, so we can struggle to create processes to set our staff up for success. This tutorial walks through a straightforward, five-part process that demystifies supervision and increases your ability to create a foundation for your staff that leads to more impact and less time spent dealing with personnel challenges.

Staff Engagement Survey

Engaged staff feel connected to their work and valued. They innovate and push the organization forward. When we’re in it, we bring our full selves – our creativity and innovation, our potential and sense of purpose, our hearts, and our motivation. We want this for ourselves, and for our staff and colleagues. Use these survey tools to check in with yourself, your team, and your organization on Staff Engagement.

Decisiveness and Decision-Making

Decisiveness is one of the most valued traits in a leader. Learn more about the process of how we make decisions, where we can get hung up, and how to become more decisive, as well as to create clearer decision-making processes amongst your team. In this tutorial, Kristi also unpacks the ways that our identities affect our relationship to decisiveness.

Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

In this webinar, we show the power of feedback. We demystify what it really is, provide key skills in both giving and receiving feedback, and share ideas on how to create a practice in your organization that supports developing a feedback-rich culture that people can learn to love.

Developing an Inclusive Culture

Developing an inclusive culture sounds great in theory, but what does that really mean? What is the difference between inclusive behaviors and inclusive culture? Through interactive content and discussion, we unpack why inclusive culture is critical for effective supervision and leadership. We examine components of organizational culture and identify elements of inclusive culture.

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