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Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

We all strive to be effective in our work and be a force for good in our organization. We also know that sometimes we are on-track and effective, and other times we get off track and are less effective than we’d like. Individual and team success greatly depends on knowing how we’re doing, and one of the best ways to know is through giving and receiving feedback. Yet, the mere word “feedback” can create a lump in our throats or pain in our bellies. In this webinar, we show the power of feedback. Demystify what it really is, provide key skills in both giving and receiving feedback, and share ideas on how to create a practice in your organization that supports developing a feedback-rich culture that people can learn to love.

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Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

Feedback isn’t about “once-and-done.” An effective organization strives to create a feedback-rich culture which takes both organizational systems and leadership behaviors that are applied consistently over time. Systems support and sustain behaviors. Behaviors bring systems to life. Use this list to see where your organizations thrive and identify where you might need to focus on improving.

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