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Developing Conflict Resilience: Reorienting our relationship with conflict to unlock its gifts and explore the impact of identity

Any group working passionately towards a goal should expect to face some conflict, especially when they are a diverse group working in virtual and hybrid spaces together. Learning to work with and manage conflict can deepen relationships, nourish innovation, and yield impactful outcomes. Without careful attention, however, conflict can grow to erode trust, stymie communication and collaboration, damage morale, and keep you from your organizational goals. This webinar will provide frameworks for not only de-stigmatizing conflict but harnessing its gifts, offer perspectives on generative versus harmful conflict, explore how positional power and identity impact our experiences of conflict, and review equity-based considerations for healthier individual and organizational practices. 

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Contact: Juliette Lee and Kristy Chester-Vance, TREC

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Feedback and Crucial Conversations

As leaders, facing challenging conversations is an essential part of our role. While addressing disagreement can be uncomfortable and require courage, doing so with respect invites trust, improved outcomes, and engagement. The resources below offer frameworks and tools to prepare you to step into courageous conversations.

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