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Crafting a DEI Case for Change and DEI Statement

In this webinar, we will explore Why – why is DEI important to your organization, and What – what are your organization’s specific DEI commitments. TREC clients will gain knowledge and skills on how to craft a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement. We will cover the processes for creating a DEI statement, including the importance of collaboration, choosing the team, and the importance of tangible action and leadership. We’ll explore example DEI statements, and work with organizations to craft their draft statements and get feedback on those statements from trainers and their peers.

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Contact: The Avarna Group

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Laying the Foundations for DEI Work in Your Organization: An Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In this webinar, The Avarna Group will build the foundations for DEI with TREC clients by (a) introducing precise language around diversity, inclusion, cultural competence, and equity so clients can become more fluent in foundational terminology; (b) map out the various reasons why DEI work is critical to the future of the conservation movement; and (c) provide an overview of what DEI work entails.

Crafting Your DEI Statement and Making a Case for Change

This resource includes a multi-part exercise to draft an organizational DEI commitment statement with staff input to be led by the Executive Director. It would also be the perfect project for a DEI committee facilitated by a DEI Lead. Through the exercises, you'll explore why DEI is important to your organization and begin to outline your commitments to diversity and inclusion.

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