Crafting Your DEI Statement and Making a Case for Change

Diversity, equity, and inclusion statements can be powerful when they are created thoughtfully and implemented authentically. By shining a light on historical inequities and actively committing to a DEI mission, green organizations can directly increase the retention of BIPOC workers in the sector. According to a 2019 study of US environmental organizations, BIPOC workers reported a higher intent to stay at their organization when there are stated long-term DEI goals and metrics, when the Executive Director demonstrates an authentic commitment to equity and inclusion, and when DEI commitments are incorporated into the strategic plan as well as the organization’s mission, vision, values (Green 2.0, 2019).

When organizations establish DEI goals and values that their leadership is accountable to, there is increased trust and sense of belonging with staff, partners, and other folks just browsing your website like potential job candidates. It helps establish expectations of leadership and the direction of the organization while stating the organization’s explicit responsibility and role in creating change. When revisited annually, DEI commitments can be a catalyst for change as your organization’s narrative evolves over time.

This resource includes a multi-part exercise to draft an organizational DEI commitment statement with staff input to be led by the Executive Director. It would also be the perfect project for a DEI committee facilitated by a DEI Lead. Through the exercises, you’ll explore why DEI is important to your organization and begin to outline your commitments to diversity and inclusion.


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Crafting Your DEI Statement and Case for Change

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