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Effective Executive Director Evaluations

TREC Toolkit Resource

Executive Directors rarely, and sometimes never, receive effective feedback (and often the feedback they do get does more damage than good). Annual evaluation of the ED is perhaps the Board of Director’s most critical tool in monitoring and ensuring the overall performance of a non-profit. ED evaluations are also one of the Board’s key responsibilities […]

Staff Management Essentials

TREC Toolkit Resource

This toolkit provides a framework of five core elements of management, systems, and behaviors to develop a culture of feedback in your organization, and practical tools for delegating and decision making that help create transparency and clarity within your organization.

Financial Management Essentials

TREC Toolkit Resource

This toolkit is a roadmap for a nonprofit’s financial management.  For some organizations, getting help starts by figuring out where the help is needed. This toolkit lays out a step by step framework of resources to provide the help needed.

Transitions in Leadership

TREC Toolkit Resource

A board’s most important job is to set up an organization to succeed through its executive director. This toolkit will guide boards though all the major transitions that they face with Executive Directors, from hiring to onboarding, to the ED’s departure.

TREC’s Budget Toolkit

TREC Toolkit Resource

Having an easy-to-use budgeting tool makes developing a budget more accurate while using far less staff time to prepare it. This budgeting toolkit guides you through creating an annual budget in TREC’s template through short tutorials and offers additional guidance through tips on budgeting and forecasting.

Shared Allocation Toolkit

TREC Toolkit Resource

This toolkit reviews the “Why” of Shared Allocations in your expense reporting and offers simple methods of adding them into your financial measurements to show the true costs of your programs.

Strategic Planning Guide

TREC Toolkit Resource

Developing your organization’s strategic plan can be the most valuable investment of time and energy your group ever makes. This toolkit guides you through the planning, design, and implementation process for your personalized strategic plan.

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