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Embracing Inclusive Leadership

Being an inclusive leader means valuing and leveraging diversity, creating a sense of belonging, and fostering an environment where all employees can thrive. It means creating work environments where employees feel valued, respected, and safe to express their opinion by fostering psychological safety. Inclusive leaders encourage open dialogue, actively listen, and consider perspectives different from their own. They examine existing policies to ensure fairness and equity to address systemic biases. And, they create a culture of giving/receiving feedback and model their commitment to continuous learning.

This resource is a two-part workshop on Inclusive Leadership- why it matters, how it benefits everyone, and the behaviors and traits of inclusive leaders. It can be facilitated by an Executive Director or another senior member of leadership for the full leadership team including all staff in supervisory roles. It can also be completed individually for a personal assessment.

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Inclusive Leadership Activity

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Contact: Cairá Lee Conner-Ware, TREC

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