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The Mid-Zone: Deepening the levels of engagement of your mid-level donors

Do you have a plan to deal specifically with your mid-level donors?

As fundraisers, we may focus much of our time on acquiring new donors and retaining major donors, but what about your mid-level donors? In this interactive session, we will focus on the building blocks of your mid-level donor program – who are your mid-level donors?  What do they really want to hear from you? And how can you move them up your donor ladder of engagement? Join Katie and Trevor for this deep dive exploration in “the mid-zone.“

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Easy to use matrix to help evaluate and prioritize major donors and major donor prospects. The higher your donor or prospect rates on the affinity and capacity scale, the more time valuable they are to you major gifts program.

Ladder of Engagement Sample

Ladders and Pyramids of Engagement are great tools to deepen relationships with your supporters from observer to contributors to your organization as donors and/or volunteers. If you're looking to create or enhance your current Ladder or Pyramid of Engagement use TREC's sample Pyramid of Engagement to see how a Facebook friend is just 7 steps from a Board Chair.

The Art of the Ask: Raising all the resources your organization needs

In this webinar, we review the key elements of an individual giving program and demonstrate a variety of approaches to making “a big ask.” We brush up on the basics, show common situations fundraisers face, and even explore some asks that can be more valuable than a big check. Join us for this fun, interactive “what’s happening in the real donor ask world” session with Katie and Trevor.

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