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Staff and Board Profile Survey

If you are dedicated to increasing diversity and representation at your organization, you’ll need solid practices and good tools for collecting and interpreting demographic information about your staff and Board.

No survey is perfect; practices and language can evolve quite quickly when it comes to sensitive, equitable evaluation approaches. Identities are never simple, and it is impossible to reduce anyone’s experiences to one category or phrase. This tool therefore invites self-description—which will require sensitive interpretation from those collating and interpreting the data. For example, we do not recommend asking multi-racial individuals to select one race or ethnicity. Refer to their self-description, then consider creating a new category (eg: multi-racial) as part of your internal tracking system.

We recommend inviting all staff and Board members to fill this survey out, then including this form as part of your on-boarding for any new staff and Board members who join the organization. Once completed, it joins your personnel files.

This survey is not anonymous so that individuals complete it just once for your organization.

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Staff and Board Profile Survey

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