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Addressing Unconscious Bias in Hiring

When it comes to hiring, the average hiring manager or hiring team would likely say they don’t discriminate against applicants or candidates in the hiring process. That is because our biases often don’t show up in explicit and obvious ways. Bias tends to show up as a series of smaller decisions that we rationalize through our assumptions and perceptions. These biases are implicit–they are unconscious and tend to inform our decision-making whether we want them to or not. On average, humans make 1 decision every 2.5 seconds. Imagine how many decisions you’re making throughout the hiring process alone! The candidate selection process is the primary area where crucial decisions are being made in the hiring process and it is where bias tends to show up the most.

This resource is meant to address the individual unconscious biases that inform the hiring systems we create and the candidate selection process. Remaining unaware of these biases and their impact on our decision-making can contribute to the lack of representation of individuals from marginalized communities in the workplace.

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