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Sustaining Staff Resilience and Effectiveness

Our work is ever increasingly complex, fast paced, and demanding. Working with our workload, team members, and our stakeholders requires calm, confident, and leading-edge creativity and action. Yet, in today’s world this is more and more difficult to sustain and doing so requires more effort than ever before. There are exciting opportunities we want to meet and capitalize on and there are many challenges we must work with to get there. While there is no silver bullet-there is help! In this session we will develop a greater understanding of what resilience is and how to foster it in our lives. We’ll explore a bit about the biological basis of resilience and talk about the essential skill of effective self care. You will:

  • Gain an understanding of resilience and well-being
  • Understand a bit about the biology of stress and resilience
  • Learn practical tools for supporting consistent effectiveness

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