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Gain Perspective of Your Organization While Strategic Planning

During your Strategic Planning process, it essential to take the time to step back and gain perspective of your organization’s effectiveness. TREC uses an Organizational Ecology Model to assess key indicators of an effective organization, by retrospectively reviewing your own Program, Money, and People and systems, you can gain valuable information before proceeding further with your planning process. This resource offers questions to ask and consider during the process. While reviewing your internal systems and programs, now is also a valuable time to review the environment in which your organization is operating to assess and make any adjustments necessary. Remember, none of these assessments should be done solely internally; it is always beneficial to gain perspective of your internal and external stakeholders.

Now is one of the most valuable parts of a strategic planning process. It is one that is often shortchanged. Allowing enough time to gain perspective is an important consideration when you build the timeline for this process.


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Gain Perspective of Your Organization While Strategic Planning

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