Indigenous Lands Activity

This activity invites you to have a team discussion about the history of the lands you inhabit, the historical and present day contributions of the Indigenous peoples’ in those territories, and the implications for our work as folks engaged in conservation. Consider this activity as an entry point to a much larger conversation for your team to have about colonialism and Indigenous histories – and the relationship between the two – the racist and exclusionary history of conservation, and the relationship between the Indigenous communities and the work you do.

This activity is meant to be a starting point for organizations who are new to this topic to start to gain a foundation of knowledge and understanding. It can also be a moment to pause and regroup for organizations who are already interrogating their relationship to Indigenous lands. In both cases, the intention is that this resource will support an organizational commitment to ongoing learning and provide an opportunity to discuss the implications for your work as an organization

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Indigenous Land Activity

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Contact: Cairá Lee Conner-Ware

Background Image: Raincoast Conservation Foundation | Jamen Rhodes

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