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DEI Data Analysis: Green 2.0 Data Discussion

Organizations across the environmental sector and other industries have been implementing DEI strategies or have recently begun their DEI journeys to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace and incorporate it into their mission and vision. There have been many studies that uncovered why so many organizations believe diversity and inclusion efforts are valuable and worth investing in for their long-term strategy. However, there is much less research on how the strategies are being implemented and how effective they are. There is a great deal of work, time, and investment that goes into updating hiring policies and practices, drafting mission statements, addressing internal biases, diversifying boards, and collecting data as you track progress. What would it look like if we knew more about what has been successful for an organization of our size implementing similar strategies? How might we pivot or re-prioritize our strategy if we knew what would have the biggest impact?

Green 2.0[1] is a 501(c)3 independent advocacy campaign to increase racial diversity among environmental organizations. Part of their work includes collecting and reporting organizational-level data on NGO and funder demographics and practices, updating and modernizing the tools along the way to track progress. This resource offers a protocol for teams to analyze data in the Beyond Diversity: A Roadmap to Building an Inclusive Organization Report and the 2022 NGO and Foundation Transparency Report Card by Green 2.0. It is an opportunity to review the diversity and inclusion efforts at environmental NGOs and Foundations to gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of DEI strategies as a DEI Committee.


What is this resource?

This resource is a 3-part series of guided workshops to analyze research and data collected by Green. 2.0 to consider the effectiveness of DEI strategies at environmental NGOs and Foundations. It can be facilitated by a DEI leader for an organization or for the board as a part of the continued learning. DEI Committees could also incorporate it into their work to assess their DEI strategy and find opportunities to increase impact.

Who is it for?

  • DEI leads and organizations that are beginning to implement an org-wide DEI strategy
  • DEI leads and organizations that want to assess the progress of their DEI program

What will you gain from this resource?

  • Data analysis protocol to assess the effectiveness of DEI strategies using data reports
  • Organizational Assessment of DEI Best Practices
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DEI Data Analysis: Green 2.0 Data Discussion Resource

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