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Working with Your Board: Making it Worth Your Time and Effort

At their best, Boards are our most valuable volunteers. When Boards are successful and engaged, they can provide guidance, support, and increase your organization’s capacity. This session will explore ways to maximize the impact of your Board and be sure your efforts to support and engage the Board are not wasted.

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Contact: David Thomson and Don Elder, TREC

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Board Friendraising: Creating Advocates for Your Mission

How can you help your board members feel positive and comfortable with fundraising? Make them friendraisers! We’ll share with you the powerful impact board members have on your bottom line when you embrace the role of advocate and make friends for your mission wherever you go.

Board Leadership: Maximizing Impact and Sanity

Common experience, backed by research, shows that the quality and effectiveness of a Board is highly determined by the quality of its leadership (board chairs, vice-chairs), yet this is often a highly unappealing role and not suited for everyone. In this webinar - valuable for every board member - we’ll explore the key focus areas of board leaders, how to address some of the biggest challenges of being in a board leadership role, what the most important qualities and skills of an effective chair are, and how to find your successor as a chair.

Committee Terms of Reference

A simple template to use to capture pertinent information for each internal committee; including contacts, purpose, structure and history.

Process for Addressing Expiring Terms of Board Members

We have traditionally renewed board member terms without much thought or focus on mutual benefit. This can result in board members feeling unsure of their ongoing contribution to the Board and to the potential stagnation of the Board. This document offers a thoughtful process to address Board Member's terms and how to implement turnover for effectiveness.

Executive Director Review Form

Providing effective review of the ED requires a thoughtful approach. Use this template to craft an ED evaluation suitable for your situation.

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