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Volunteer Management

Properly managing and developing volunteers is an essential but often overlooked opportunity. A strong volunteer pool can increase engagement into your cause, add visibility to your organization, and serve as an extension of your workforce. This webinar will review volunteer management and also explore how you keep volunteers moving up your Ladder of Engagement, turn them into valuable ambassadors and long-term donors. During this hour-long webinar, we will share tips and best practices for acquiring, cultivating, and managing volunteers who feel aligned with and engaged in your mission.

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Contact: Trevor Kaul, TREC

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Ladder of Engagement Sample

Ladders and Pyramids of Engagement are great tools to deepen relationships with your supporters from observer to contributors to your organization as donors and/or volunteers. If you're looking to create or enhance your current Ladder or Pyramid of Engagement use TREC's sample Pyramid of Engagement to see how a Facebook friend is just 7 steps from a Board Chair.

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