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Tapping Into the Power of a Presidential Election: How and Why 501(c)(3)s Should Educate and Advocate During Election Season 

Next year’s U.S. presidential election will capture the attention of millions of Americans. During that time, your organization may be faced with the choice of either swimming against the current & fighting to get attention for your issues in a very noisy river, or…. You can tap into that current and use its energy to reach more people, recruit more volunteers, and identify more donors. Not only can public charities engage in issue advocacy during election season, but they can also conduct robust voter and candidate education campaigns and mobilize the public to get out and vote. After this session, you will have a better understanding of the main ways that thousands of organizations safely engage in nonpartisan advocacy during an election. 

This webinar with Presenter Tim Mooney, of Alliance for Justice, and Trevor Kaul of TREC, will explore:

  • Why civic engagement is such a great tool to have available
  • Whether it is right for your specific organization
  • What the main strategies are
  • How to choose a path forward
  • Common practices that will allow you to safely advocate during election years, conduct voter registration and get-out -the-vote, engage on ballot measures, and
    even respond to candidate statements and positions.

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Contact: Trevor Kaul, TREC Senior Consultant

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