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Rural Perspectives in the United States

Presenter: Robert Bonnie, Executive in Residence, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University

Rural residents matter–a lot–to the fate of U.S. environmental policy. Not only do farmers, ranchers, and forest owners manage or impact vast portions of lands and watersheds in the U.S., but rural voters also have an outsized impact on policy. Do rural communities have different views on the environment than their urban and suburban counterparts, and, if so, what accounts for the urban/rural divide?

Robert Bonnie talks about the research he and colleagues have been undertaking to answer those questions. Robert also provides insight into the implications of the study for environmental policy and working with rural constituencies. This significant work was conducted by Robert, former USDA Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, and now at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute, and his colleagues from the University of Rhode Island, University of Wyoming, Hart Research Associates, and New Bridge Strategy.

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Background Image: American Rivers | Scott Bosse

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