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Getting Things Right from the Start: Picking Good Partners and Strategic Campaigns

We all know we should be partnering more, but with limited resources how do we choose who to work with?

Building on the TREC’s community mapping exercise, this webinar will introduce inclusive strategies for prioritizing partnerships which build collective power and create more powerful campaigns. We will discuss tools for choosing which relationships to invest in, how to respectfully engage new partners, keys to establishing a healthy collaboration, and tips for picking the right campaign for you, your partners, and your community.

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Contact: Vanessa López and Trevor Kaul, TREC

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Playing the Long Game: Rethinking Relationships to Build Long-Term Power

This webinar provides an introduction to community power mapping, an alternative to traditional power mapping that allows us to better understand the power dynamics in our community and who has influence. We explore how to understand our strategic position, work as a collective to avoid conflicting environmental goals, and win more campaigns.

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