Engagement: How to Support it and Sustain it Over Time in Yourself and Others

Whether you are a manager or looking for skills to manage up, this webinar will offer valuable information around what drives engagement and what you can do to increase it. From work-planning to check-ins, we will share pragmatic tools to set yourself and your staff up to succeed. You will:

  • Gain understanding of why engagement is so critical and what drives it
  • Learn tips for how to support your own engagement and manage up
  • Walk away with practices for developing workplans and check-in agendas that set you up for success

Please take a moment to give us your feedback and evaluate this webinar.

Contact: Kristi Chester Vance and Don Elder

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Engaged staff feel connected to their work and valued. They innovate and push the organization forward. When we’re in it, we bring our full selves – our creativity and innovation, our potential and sense of purpose, our hearts, and our motivation. We want this for ourselves, and for our staff and colleagues. Use these survey tools to check in with yourself, your team, and your organization on Staff Engagement.

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