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Embracing Feedback: Tools and Strategies for Growing Your Comfort and Confidence

Feedback, it’s a word that evokes strong feelings. Whether it’s something that we try and avoid, something we struggle to give (or receive) or something we seek to get better at, it’s an ever-present, and vital communication too. While feedback can be uncomfortable and require courage, doing so with respect invites trust, improved outcomes, and engagement. In this webinar, we will explore feedback from simple to more in-depth and complex, as it exists along a spectrum. As well, we will share tools that we can utilize daily to better communicate our needs, expectations, and goals with each other. Whether you currently manage a staff of 10 or are looking to increase your comfort with receiving (and giving) feedback, or somewhere in-between, this webinar is for those looking to dive into this vital skillset and build confidence. Join us to learn more and grow your communications toolbox!

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Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

Feedback isn’t about “once-and-done.” An effective organization strives to create a feedback-rich culture which takes both organizational systems and leadership behaviors that are applied consistently over time. Systems support and sustain behaviors. Behaviors bring systems to life. Use this list to see where your organizations thrive and identify where you might need to focus on improving.

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