Building Organizational Strength in a Time of Growing Opposition Attacks

Is your organization increasingly facing opposition attacks? Do you know what you can do to be better prepared?

Join RoadMap’s Mary Ochs and Jonathan Stribling-Uss, for this interactive webinar which will address the 8 types of attacks organizations are currently facing, from digital to regulatory agency investigations to legal challenges, and more. It will help organizations prepare for and protect themselves against attacks where they are vulnerable.

During the webinar, participants will also be able to do their brief risk assessment and be provided with tips and resources* to prevent and address attacks.

RoadMap will also share its two principles that have supported non-profit organizations to achieve transformational change during times of opposition. Preparing for attacks is as important as campaign strategy, visioning, and planning. With strong preparation and response integrated throughout the organization, an organization can turn attacks into opportunities to advance its values and goals.

*You can find Preparing for and Beating Back Opposition Attacks and other great resources for your organization on RoadMap’s website

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Contact: Roadmap

Background Image: American Rivers | Scott Bosse

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