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Board Development, Engagement, and Recruitment

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Board Skills and Experience Checklist

Is your Board make up diverse? Does its current make-up meet all your current needs? Are your recruiting a new Board member and need a tool to determine where your Board needs strengthening? This checklist will help you and your organization get a high-level view of the  strengths and gaps in your current Board.

Board 101: Board Focus and Roles

As a board member, you may have found that time and limited resources have influenced your board's ability to identify and implement the best strategies to support your organization. As an executive director, you may be wondering what tools are available to support your board. This webinar will provide foundational tips and strategies in order to support efficient and fulfilling board participation.

Process for Addressing Expiring Terms of Board Members

We have traditionally renewed board member terms without much thought or focus on mutual benefit. This can result in board members feeling unsure of their ongoing contribution to the Board and to the potential stagnation of the Board. This document offers a thoughtful process to address Board Member's terms and how to implement turnover for effectiveness.

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