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What’s inner work got to do with transformative social change?

In this webinar, Rev. angel, who was called, “one of our wisest voices on social evolution and the spiritual aspect of social healing” by On Being’s Krista Tippet, will explore the intersection of race, love, and liberation, which is the focus of her renown book, Radical Dharma.

Create a Lasting Legacy through Planned Giving and Legacy Gifts

One of the simplest and most common ways to leave a lasting legacy is by leaving a planned gift. During this webinar, we review the many vehicles for leaving a lasting legacy, including Bequests, Charitable Gift Annuities, Life Income Gifts, and Donor Advised Funds. We also spend some time reviewing the most important pieces for your planned giving program. Help your donors understand how they can support the work that you do long into the future to create a lasting legacy.

Navigating Elections in Unprecedented Times

The 2020 U.S. presidential election was always supposed to be a bruising contest with a handful of states determining the winner based on a razor-thin margin of votes. If history is any indication, nonprofits will play a critical role in nonpartisan voter engagement and education. In this webinar, learn more about what your organization can do before, during, and even after Election Day.

Leveraging Change Instead of Being Leveled By It

Change is a constant in our organizations. More often than not, our organizations are reacting or responding to a situation that requires change, and we can’t give it our full attention or reap lasting benefits. In this webinar, learn how to proactively address change in a way that supports your values and vision, rather than feeling reactive and disempowered. You will walk away with a better understanding of how to design successful organizational change.

Achieving Major Wins with Major Gifts and Major Donors

Major Gifts are likely to be some of the largest gifts you receive outside of grants. So what is a Major Gift? And how does major donor cultivation and solicitation differ from smaller individual gifts? Join us as we answer these questions and outline the 5-steps you can take to developing a successful major gifts program.

Emotional Agility: Finding Flow When You’re in the Chop

Anyone else feeling like they are even more short-fused than usual? Do you find your emotions swinging wildly in the course of a week or even a single day? It’s not just you. But there are some things you can do to help even out your keel, no matter what comes up around you, or what comes up within you. In this webinar, Linda helps you understand why we may get “hooked” by strong emotions; she also shares some pragmatic, instantly accessible tools, to find the superpower that will you help stay emotionally grounded when the world is spinning around you.

Optimizing Your Resilience as a Fundraiser

With so much happening on so many fronts so quickly, the challenges to fundraising are even greater. Balancing your staff’s needs, your leadership, and your supporters can leave very little time and attention to support yourself in sustaining resilience and well-being. In this session we will cover what resilience is and identify ways of supporting yours.

Writing Effective Appeals

Is it too early to be thinking about year-end fundraising? Not at all. Given the incredible challenges nonprofits have experienced this year, laying the groundwork now for your End of the Year (EOY) fundraising appeal is critical to its success. Join TREC as we discuss easy ways to boost the success of your year-end appeals using mail and email platforms. 

Being with Persistent Change and Challenge

We are in times of great change, rapid pace, complex challenges, rapidly shifting current events and realities, direct threats to our health and well-being from the current pandemic, and in addition, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and all People of Color are disproportionately effected and have the added threat from the violence and harm of systemic racism. It is normal to feel high levels of stress, overwhelm, anger, grief, and more. In this session, we profile stress and overwhelm, our normal responses to them, and we outline things we can do to be with and in these times and foster well-being where possible. Join us as we take time in support of well-being together!

Fundraising During Times of Uncertainty

When operating during unprecedented times, it is difficult to know the scope and impact of the challenges you face. In this session, Ellie Stanley and Katie Davis talk about how to plan for year-end fundraising while considering current and possible circumstances, and how having a solid and actionable plan, along with accurate income projections, will set you up for success.

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