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The Art of the Ask: Raising all the resources your organization needs

In this webinar, we review the key elements of an individual giving program and demonstrate a variety of approaches to making “a big ask.” We brush up on the basics, show common situations fundraisers face, and even explore some asks that can be more valuable than a big check. Join us for this fun, interactive “what’s happening in the real donor ask world” session with Katie and Trevor.

Donor Communities: Ways to evolve your individual giving program into a community of fundraisers

Many of us may feel like we are alone in raising the resources for our organization, and sometimes it’s because we are. However, many of the most successful giving programs thrive because they engage donors and volunteers in their fundraising work. Join Katie and Trevor to learn some ways to use your existing donor stewardship efforts to identify and recruit volunteer fundraisers.

The Mid-Zone: Deepening the levels of engagement of your mid-level donors

As fundraisers, we may focus much of our time on acquiring new donors and retaining major donors, but what about your mid-level donors? In this interactive session, we will focus on the building blocks of your mid-level donor program. Join Katie and Trevor for this deep dive exploration in “the mid-zone.“

Healthy Networks: Engaging in the Community, Collaborating, and Supporting the Work of Others

Communities are engaged when they play a meaningful role in the decision-making and implementation of programs and services. Join us for a lively panel discussion where our guests share case studies highlighting innovative community engagement strategies and recommendations for leaders looking to move from intention to impact.

Financial Resiliency: Methods for building a financially sustainable organization aligned with your goals

In this webinar, we discuss how to weave together our financial planning with our organizational planning to achieve and sustain our goals. Some of the topics we cover include building reserves, program-based budgeting, program sustainability, scenario planning, and strategic grant budgets.

Thriving in Fundraising in Extraordinary Times

We’re all struggling to feel and stay healthy right now, including our supporters. Fundraising professionals have the burden of ensuring that their organizations are financially healthy, as well, and have the necessary funds to do their work despite what’s happening in the rest of the world. Fundraising is a fairly static field, with many tried […]

Bolster the Health of your Team by Building a Culture of Engagement and Inclusion

Engaged staff members who feel not only seen but valued for their diverse perspectives and experiences are more likely to innovate, take on challenges, stay on the job, and work as a team. These essential qualities make all the difference when it comes to increasing your impact and building the inclusive movement we collectively seek […]

Organizational Health – Function Effectively, Cope with Change, and Experience Growth

We’re all striving to build strong, effective organizations with successful programs, talented staff, and financial sustainability. So what makes some organizations healthier and more effective than others? What are the key drivers of success? How does dominant culture, or white culture, define success in an organization? In this webinar, we run through TREC’s Organizational Effectiveness model, […]

What’s inner work got to do with transformative social change?

In this webinar, Rev. angel, who was called, “one of our wisest voices on social evolution and the spiritual aspect of social healing” by On Being’s Krista Tippet, will explore the intersection of race, love, and liberation, which is the focus of her renown book, Radical Dharma.

Create a Lasting Legacy through Planned Giving and Legacy Gifts

One of the simplest and most common ways to leave a lasting legacy is by leaving a planned gift. During this webinar, we review the many vehicles for leaving a lasting legacy, including Bequests, Charitable Gift Annuities, Life Income Gifts, and Donor Advised Funds. We also spend some time reviewing the most important pieces for your planned giving program. Help your donors understand how they can support the work that you do long into the future to create a lasting legacy.

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