Tapping Into the Power of a Presidential Election: How and Why 501(c)(3)s Should Educate and Advocate During Election Season 

Next year’s U.S. presidential election will capture the attention of millions of Americans. During that time, your organization may be faced with the choice of either swimming against the current […]

Fundraising in Times of Uncertainty

We’re operating in uncertain economic times and it’s difficult to know the scope and impact of the challenges we face with the looming possibility of a recession ahead. Successful fundraising […]

Caring for Ourselves and Our Communities in Chaotic Times

As the climate crisis intensifies, we as change-agents must learn how to move through difficult feelings like grief, disappointment, anger, and frustration to prevent illness and burnout. To do this, […]

Is Racial Justice an Environmental Issue?: A Continued Conversation of Anti-Blackness in Conservation

Join Karlyn Bradley, Founder/CEO of The High Priestess Consulting Company LLC and TREC as they take a deep dive exploring the question what is the role, if any, of Racial […]

Volunteer Management

Properly managing and developing volunteers is an essential but often overlooked opportunity. A strong volunteer pool can increase engagement into your cause, add visibility to your organization, and serve as […]

Working Across Generations, we can work it out!

Unlocking the strengths of multi-generational workplaces is essential, and sometimes challenging, work. In this webinar, we will explore practices to build understanding, slay age-ist stereotypes, and leverage the value of diversity across decades.

Anti-Blackness and Conservation: Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in Conservation

Black individuals and communities have a long history of being targeted for racist violence, exploitation, and discrimination around the globe. Learn how anti-Black racism relates to other forms of oppression, […]

Exploring Shared Leadership Structures: Should your Organization Move to Co-Leadership?

Is your organization interested in moving to a shared leadership model? As our sector explores more equitable ways of distributing power, a common consideration is whether to move to shared […]

New Directions in Indigenous Land Management & Conservation

Long before European explorers arrived in and settled North America, the original Indigenous inhabitants practiced careful land management to shepherd their natural resources and support thriving societies. Despite ongoing challenges […]

Salary Survey Report Findings

This session will provide an overview on the salary and benefits data compiled in the 2022 TREC Survey, as well as information on how to use total rewards survey data […]

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