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The Partnership Prioritization Matrix: So many partners, so little time

Are you interested in building deeper partnerships but unsure who to do that with? Is it unclear whether to partner with organizations who do important work outside of your mission […]

Virtual and Hybrid Team Management and Supervision: Live Q&A panel conversation with managers from the field

With uncertainty and chaos as our constant companions over these past two years, we’ve all innovated and built new skills for teaming on Zoom, creating hybrid work environments, and surfing […]

Developing Conflict Resilience: Reorienting our relationship with conflict to unlock its gifts and explore the impact of identity

Any group working passionately towards a goal should expect to face some conflict, especially when they are a diverse group working in virtual and hybrid spaces together. Learning to work […]

Addressing Equity in Compensation: Creating compensation guidelines for all

We’ve probably all heard the one about not being in nonprofit work for the money. But what if there was a path toward equitable compensation? Join us for this lively interactive panel discussion with The National Young Farmers Coalition […]

Building Engaged Virtual and Hybrid Teams: Communication Practices and Strategies

Slack. Google Docs. Teams. Hybrid Teams may be here to stay as many organizations have moved to permanent or part-time work-from-home models with their employees. This webinar will explore communication […]

Achieving Your DEI Vision and Goals: Change Team Strategy

You may have heard that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work is a journey or an ever-evolving path. It’s true, but only marginally helpful. You still have to figure out […]

Adapting to Win: Predicting and Overcoming Obstacles Throughout Your Campaign

Have you ever worked on a really significant campaign where everyone got along the whole time, your opponents played nice, and everything went just according to plan? I’ll bet none […]

Building Capacity Within Campaigns: Tools for Building Leaders and Teams

Our work to protect our families, our communities, and our planet is not a sprint but a marathon. That’s why so many of the most effective and enduring organizations use […]

Getting Things Right from the Start: Picking Good Partners and Strategic Campaigns

We all know we should be partnering more, but with limited resources how do we choose who to work with? Building on the TREC’s community mapping exercise, this webinar will […]

Playing the Long Game: Rethinking Relationships to Build Long-Term Power

This webinar provides an introduction to community power mapping, an alternative to traditional power mapping that allows us to better understand the power dynamics in our community and who has influence. We explore how to understand our strategic position, work as a collective to avoid conflicting environmental goals, and win more campaigns.

Background Image: American Rivers | Scott Bosse