Transitions in Leadership

A board’s most important job is to set up an organization to succeed through its executive director.

This toolkit will guide boards though all the major transitions that they face with Executive Directors. The first section contains a comprehensive review of conducting a successful hiring process, including resources and templates to assist in the process. In the second section, you’ll find information and tips to engage and acclimate your new executive director to their new role and organization. The final chapter brings us full circle and reviews the challenges that arise when EDs transition from an organization, either by choice or by the decision of the board.

TREC is committed to providing new and pertinent information, tools, and samples to meet your Human Resources (HR) needs. Please note that this resource is not intended to be all-inclusive; we make every effort to present thorough and accurate information. However, numerous federal, state and local laws and regulations may vary regarding some of the issues; we encourage all organizations to review local laws and regulations and seek legal counsel when implementing new HR policies and procedures.

Toolkit Resources

The Executive Director Hiring Process

Hiring an executive director is one of the most important tasks a board will ever undertake. If you are a board member or chair with little hiring experience, you are in good company. We’ve created this guide to support board members at any level of hiring experience.

Working with a New Executive Director

The first 100 days of a new executive directors tenure is crucial. The board must work closely with the new ED to set them up to succeed. This section of […]

Executive Director Transition Timeline Template

This timeline template outlines roles, responsibilities, deadlines, considerations, and opportunities found throughout the ED transition process. It’s designed for both an Executive Director who is considering leaving but hasn’t announced it yet, as well as for Boards and leaders who have already begun planning for a leadership transition.

Executive Director Hiring Checklist

We’ve created these overview checklists to support board members and hiring committees in the hiring process. We encourage you to use these in conjunction with TREC’s Transitions in Leadership toolkit.

Executive Director Personal Statement

When an Executive Director leaves an organization, the ED and Board need to inform their membership and stakeholders with a departing statement. TREC offers this sample for EDs and Boards alike to consider their own statements.  

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