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Effective Executive Director Evaluations

Executive Directors rarely, and sometimes never, receive effective feedback (and often the feedback they do get does more damage than good). Annual evaluation of the ED is perhaps the Board of Director’s most critical tool in monitoring and ensuring the overall performance of a non-profit. ED evaluations are also one of the Board’s key responsibilities in supporting a culture of transparency, accountability, and fairness, and supports the ED’s ongoing development. This toolkit offers guidance, tools, and templates for conducting annual performance evaluations and resources to help with ongoing feedback between Boards and Executive Directors.

Toolkit Resources

Executive Director Annual Goals and Objectives

An Executive Director’s Annual Plan with goals and objectives identifies and creates transparency of the ED’s short-term aspirations and the long-term vision for the organization. It provides the ED and […]

Feedback and Crucial Conversations

As leaders, facing challenging conversations is an essential part of our role. While addressing disagreement can be uncomfortable and require courage, doing so with respect invites trust, improved outcomes, and engagement. The resources below offer frameworks and tools to prepare you to step into courageous conversations.

Helpful Hints for Courageous Conversations

Not all conversations are easy. At some time or another, we all are required to have a difficult conversation that requires us to step out of our comfort zone, but you don't need to be lost navigating them. These helpful hints will walk you through those courageous conversations with confidence.  

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