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DEI Toolkit 3: Internal Culture, Practices, and Policies

About the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit
Activating and fully integrating your organization’s values for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will increase your organizational resilience, promote more ethical community partnerships, and increase your reputability and leadership in the field. Our 7-part DEI toolkit series provides frameworks and guidance so you can thoughtfully address historic inequities while building better practices and increasing your organization’s ability to work for a just and healthy world everyone can enjoy. 

Each toolkit is themed for accessibility and ease of use. You’ll find webinars, workshops, guides, templates, and activities to increase your organization’s readiness, competency, and capacity for diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all components of your work. 

TREC is committed to growing our offerings through these toolkits, so please check back in for new additions throughout the year.  

DEI Toolkit 3: Internal Culture, Practices, and Policies offers clear guidance and templates to help you responsibly promote DEI practices within your organization. Learn more about inclusive hiring guidelines, equitable compensation practices, and view template staff policies. 

Toolkit Resources

Developing an Inclusive Culture

Developing an inclusive culture sounds great in theory, but what does that really mean? What is the difference between inclusive behaviors and inclusive culture? Through interactive content and discussion, we unpack why inclusive culture is critical for effective supervision and leadership. We examine components of organizational culture and identify elements of inclusive culture.

Equitable Holiday and Paid Time Off Policies and Sample

To promote belonging and to create an equitable and inclusive culture across your organization, it’s important to review your holiday and paid-time-off policies and ask yourself these questions and more. This resource will aid you in assessing your holiday and paid time off policies, consider revisions to your it, and offers a sample policy.

Staff and Board Profile Survey

If you are dedicated to increasing diversity and representation at your organization, you’ll need solid practices and good tools for collecting and interpreting demographic information about your staff and Board. We recommend inviting all staff and Board members to fill this survey out, then including this form as part of your on-boarding for any new staff and Board members who join the organization. Once completed, it joins your personnel files.

Personal Blueprint

Meaningfully supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion at your organization requires practices that help everyone be explicit, direct, and clear with each other. The Personal Blueprint can support effective understanding, communication, […]

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