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DEI Toolkit 2: Getting Started

About the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit
Activating and fully integrating your organization’s values for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will increase your organizational resilience, promote more ethical community partnerships, and increase your reputability and leadership in the field. Our 7-part DEI toolkit series provides frameworks and guidance so you can thoughtfully address historic inequities while building better practices and increasing your organization’s ability to work for a just and healthy world everyone can enjoy. 

Each toolkit is themed for accessibility and ease of use. You’ll find webinars, workshops, guides, templates, and activities to increase your organization’s readiness, competency, and capacity for diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all components of your work. 

TREC is committed to growing our offerings through these toolkits, so please check back in for new additions throughout the year.  

DEI Toolkit 2: Getting Started will help you take basic steps to move your organization forward towards activating your DEI values. You’ll receive guidance on how to craft your organizational DEI statement, establish a working group to direct, facilitate, and evaluate your organizational progress and goals, and convene affinity groups to foster more nuanced, supportive spaces for consensus building and problem solving towards change.  

Toolkit Resources

Crafting a DEI Case for Change and DEI Statement

Why – why is DEI important to your organization, and What – what are your organization’s specific DEI commitments. TREC clients will gain knowledge and skills on how to craft a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement.

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