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Financial Management

Because times are tight, it is even more critical that we carefully evaluate our organization’s financial strengths and weaknesses. We need to be informed and prepared to make tough choices. We’ve got to be ready to adapt to new conditions. We need to empower ourselves with the knowledge and skills we need to thrive. If the state of your organization’s finances is keeping you up at night, contact TREC for assistance right away.

TREC’s Financial Management Program is appropriate for organizations that need a minor fine-tuning of their financial systems, organizations requiring a complete overhaul, and everything in between. TREC offers on-line training, instructional documents and e-alerts, and useful templates and samples. For select groups, TREC also offers on-going consulting and support to customize and implement the training, and to address specific needs.

TREC will work with a team from your organization that includes the finance manager, executive director, program leaders and board members to provide comprehensive system solutions as well as improved communication and teamwork within the organization overall.

Our assistance includes:

  • Customized training and consulting
  • Financial data, reports, and systems review
  • Program funding training and consulting
  • Financial templates, tools, and resources
  • System implementation assistance
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