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Senior Leadership Program

Senior Leaders – Executive Directors and other Directors – often find themselves in leadership roles without the full toolkit necessary to develop and implement strategy, oversee challenging staff situations, build a highly productive organization culture, and engage external stakeholders and their boards effectively. These leaders also personally experience that it is true that “it’s lonely at the top”, and it’s tough to deal with stresses and workload of the job. TREC brings together 20 other senior leaders from diverse conservation organizations in western North America in in-person sessions, plus offers coaching and small-group support. Through participation in the program, leaders will broaden their support network, learn powerful, proven skills for managing energy and relationships, be more confident in tackling complex and often difficult relationships, gain insight and tools for strengthening their organization’s culture and more.

TREC’s Senior Leadership Program is led by David Thomson and Cyndi Harris.

Background Image: Sitka Conservation Society | Bethany Goodrich