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Leadership Development

We focus on leaders. The outcome of TREC’s Leadership Program is client organizations with effective, strong, sustainable, long-term leadership in place at both the staff and board levels. TREC’s leadership programs are designed to promote more effective organizational cultures, to strengthen clients’ strategic position, and to generate more overall resilience and capacity for impact among critical players in the environmental movement. Given the political and economic climate that our leaders are operating in, we are focused on training, consulting, and coaching them to find creative solutions in increasingly complex and sometimes seemingly impenetrable situations.

Leadership Training

TREC offers several leadership development trainings and opportunities – for executive or senior-level director/managers, for promising up and coming leaders in conservation organizations.

Board Training

TREC’s training and resources for boards are available to help lead organizations and boards toward strategic and appropriate governance.


TREC coaches individuals and teams at critical times, as part of our custom leadership work, to promote better communication and foster an improved organizational culture.

Background Image: Raincoast Conservation Foundation | Jamen Rhodes