Campaigns & Collaborations

We focus on collaborations, campaigns, and coalitions. In the current climate, governments are focused on economic woes and political posturing. Environmental protection and conservation is put on the back burner, or worse, totally overridden. The need for new strategies and tactics is more important than ever. Increasingly, organizations must reach out to partners within and outside the conservation movement. We help groups think more strategically so that they can be more effective campaigners.

Campaign Assistance

TREC helps our clients develop better campaign plans, and work together more effectively so that campaigns are more likely to achieve on-the-ground conservation victories.

Coalition Assistance

TREC can help as convener. We offer expertise in coalition management and facilitation, which helps groups to more effectively participate in and manage coalitions.

Negotiation Training

TREC can assist critical coalitions, campaigns, and organizations that are working in complex negotiations by training them on negotiation tactics.

Background Image: Sitka Conservation Society | Adam Andis