TREC is here to support the environmental community as we all face the new challenges presented by COVID-19. See our resources and stay up to date.


TREC services are available free of charge to Wilburforce Grantees. Some services are available on a limited basis for a fee.

To request TREC’s services please fill out our Request Information Form.

Leadership Development

The outcome of TREC’s Strategic Leadership Program is client organizations with effective, strong, sustainable, long-term leadership in place at both the staff and board levels.

Organizational Development

TREC has a “whole system” approach to Organizational Development. We work to get all aspects of an organization —the program, the people and the money— equally effective and resilient. And, importantly, we prioritize the long-term sustainability of the organization.

Campaigns & Collaborations

TREC help groups think more strategically, develop better campaign plans, and work together more effectively so that campaigns are more likely to achieve on-the-ground conservation victories.

Background Image: Greater Yellow Ecosystem | Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Society | Harvey Locke