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White Supremacy Culture & Professionalism

This offering is meant to identify behaviors and mindsets that have developed from white supremacist culture that many of us exhibit regardless of our different identities, because we all exist in this culture together and are impacted by it. However, the impact disproportionately affects Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in a harmful way that often has long-term consequences both personally and professionally.

Regardless of where you or your organization are in your DEI journey, assessing the impact of white supremacy culture at your organization will help support a more equitable and inclusive organization inside and out.

This offering is not meant to be used to as a weapon to accuse, shame, blame, or reprimand white people or each other. It is meant to share one framework to consider how white dominant culture impacts organizational culture and opportunities to address it over time.

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White Supremacy Culture & Professionalism

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Contact: Cairá Lee Conner-Ware, TREC

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