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The Four “I”s of Oppression

The Four “I”s of Oppression are a common framework used to illustrate the ways systemic injustices are able to perpetuate in society and over time. Oppression is the systematic subjugation of a social group by another social group with access to institutional or systemic power. Individuals belonging to the dominant group have access to privilege and benefit at the expense of individuals in the subordinate group. Oppression manifests itself in four overlapping and interdependent ways; individually as internalized oppression; socially as interpersonal oppression; it is reinforced through institutional oppression; and perpetuates across time and space as ideological oppression. Check out this resource and the guidance on using the framework to learn more about the Four “I”s. Being clear about how oppression operates can help everyone work concretely to dismantle oppressive systems and foster alternatives individually and across society.

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The Four "I"s of Oppression

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