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Prepare for Uncertain Times: Stress Test Your Organization

Feeling stressed about these uncertain times? One of the best antidotes to this stress is to explore the “what ifs,” and do some planning and preparation around them. How would your organization fare under stress?

What if the economy dives into a recession? What if a key staffer, or several, left your organization? What if your lead program suddenly became irrelevant because of a victory, or a change in political landscape? What if opponents tarnish your reputation?

Many economists say that a recession is looming–and that we are starting to see early signs of a downward turn. The time to get prepared is before the worst of it hits. In this session, we’ll talk about stress-testing your financial position. We’ll show you how to do financial scenario planning so you can create your own contingency plan.

And because we are facing more than just financial uncertainty, we’ll walk through stress-testing your staffing, board, program, and more.

Are you ready for what lies ahead? What can you do to be even more ready?

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Contact: Megan Seibel and Joe Golinveaux, TREC

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