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SOAR Strategy Screen for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Planning

Is your team struggling through decision making paralysis, eddying in debates that erode trust and communication, or unhelpfully comparing different experiences of marginalization in ways that derail initiatives to support some groups? Is this particularly frustrating because you have clearly articulated values for diversity, equity, and inclusion, yet you just can’t seem to move forward into action? Developing concrete plans and determining clear pathways for DEI can feel particularly challenging, since prioritizing some needs, constituencies, and concerns over others can feel unequitable or in contradiction to the core values of DEI. Yet moving responsibly forward with accountability requires your organization to make strategic choices in order to develop pathways, track progress, and evolve new ways of doing and being over time.

A strategy screen is a list of criteria against which you can test various strategic options, particularly when navigating crises, opportunities, growth, or change. Strategy screens help you apply your values and can provide clear rationale so that all staff members feel better equipped to either make or support decisions that align with your organization’s principles, mission, identity, and goals. A strategy screen can be particularly useful to clarify your DEI priorities and scope in a large field of possible activities.

We recommend using the DEI Strategy Screen for group processes to clarify a shared vision or rationale for your choices. You can use this for individual or group decisions.

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SOAR Strategy Screen for DEI

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