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Paid Sabbatical Overview & Sample Policy

Paid sabbaticals provide many benefits for organizations and their staff. They offer a chance to recognize and reward long-term staff’s commitment and contributions, increase the overall resiliency and development opportunities for their team, increase retention across an organization, and enhance employee benefits. This resource will help your organization develop or revise a sabbatical policy by guiding you through considerations to take into account and offering a sample sabbatical policy to review.

TREC is committed to providing new and pertinent information, tools, and samples to meet your Human Resources (HR) needs. Please note that this resource is not intended to be all-inclusive; we make every effort to present thorough and accurate information. However, numerous federal, state and local laws and regulations may vary regarding some of the issues; we encourage all organizations to review local laws and regulations and seek legal counsel when implementing new HR policies and procedures.

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Paid Sabbatical Overview and Sample Policy

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