Mitigating Bias in Recruitment and Hiring

Presenters: Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin and Ava Holliday, The Avarna Group

This session will walk you through how to add an inclusion and equity lens to your recruitment and hiring process, from crafting the job title and description, to internship/fellowship initiatives, to crafting and utilizing hiring rubrics, to interviewing, selecting, and following up with candidates. We will go through an actual job description to identify ways we might revise it to attract a more diverse talent pool, as well as a sample rubric that can be used to hire that position. Throughout the session, we will lay out ways in which race, gender, and other types of bias typically creep into recruitment and hiring in the conservation sector in particular, such as in language used in job descriptions or job “requirements” that sometimes shut out talented candidates. Participants will leave with tools to reshape their recruitment and hiring strategy.

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Contact: The Avarna Group

Background Image: Raincoast Conservation Foundation | Jamen Rhodes