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Diversifying Revenue Sources

Diversifying revenue is a good idea for many organizations; however, implementing diversification is not a one size fits all solution for every organization. This tutorial looks into when, why, and how your organization can benefit from diversifying revenue sources.  This tutorial contains three sections to help you determine what is right for your organization, and we encourage you to watch all of it and come back to review any section in more detail.

  1. Why Diversify – 1 min 30 sec
  2. Myths and Realities of Diversifying Revenue Sources – 3 min 13 sec
  3. Identifying what’s right for your org – 6 min 25 sec
    STEP 1
      Conduct a review of revenue sources – 7 min 7 sec
    STEP 2  Conduct a fund development program SWOT analysis – 11 min 12 sec
    STEP 3  Identify realistic diversification opportunities and strategies – 17 min 16 sec
    STEP 4  Develop your annual fundraising plan – 20 min 25 sec

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