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Decision-Making for Equity and Inclusion Activity

As leaders in the workplace, each choice you make is an opportunity to lean further into your values to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, AND belonging at our organizations. Being power and systems aware supports a more inclusive and psychologically safe work environment which ultimately supports a greater perception of fairness or equity by your staff. To be an Equity-Minded Leader means to keep inclusion at the forefront and recognize the power of diverse backgrounds and experiences. When staff aren’t allowed opportunities to provide input or their input is ignored or dismissed, it can send the message that they aren’t valued as an individual outside of their productivity and conformity to organizational norms. How can those differences be affirmed and leveraged in your decision-making?

As organizations take time to establish DEI values and commitments, the commitments must be put into action in ways that will be both effective and align with those values. Embracing equity-minded leadership is one crucial way to drive genuine, deep cultural change at your organization. This resource will help leaders think about how to embed equity into their decision-making and practice tools to set expectations, mitigate biases, and identify opportunities to increase inclusion and belonging.

This resource includes two sequential exercises to learn about equity-minded leadership and how to embed it into your decision-making. It is meant for individuals who are key decision-makers within their organization such as an executive director or program manager. It can be adjusted for a group by choosing one decision to use as an example throughout the exercises.

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Decision-Making for Equity and Inclusion Activity

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