COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Sample

Your organization may decide to adopt a policy that mandates your employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This policy should comply with all applicable laws and be based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health authorities, as applicable. Create a clear COVID-19 Vaccination Policy (including providing ways for employees to request accommodations) using this sample policy or the text only version.

TREC is committed to providing new and pertinent information, tools, and samples to meet your Human Resources (HR) needs. Please note that this resource is not intended to be all-inclusive; we make every effort to present thorough and accurate information. However, numerous federal, state and local laws and regulations may vary regarding some of the issues; we encourage all organizations to review local laws and regulations and seek legal counsel when implementing new HR policies and procedures.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Sample

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