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Connecting to your D.E.I “Why”

Everyone has a unique connection to environmental work. We each also carry an individual connection and role in the diversification of the environmental field through inclusion and equity. Working across difference or diversity, equity, and inclusion (D.E.I.) work is a deliberate choice that will be challenged by those who prefer or are rewarded by maintaining the status quo.

Awareness of your story and motivation to pursue D.E.I. can be grounding and uplifting when you are faced with difficult decisions, face barriers in your path, or need to be inspired by yourself! The following writing exercise helps you identify how you came to value the pursuit of D.E.I. in the environmental field, what keeps you motivated, and what you need to stay resilient when challenges inevitably arise.

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Connecting to your D.E.I "Why"

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Contact: Vanessa López and Juliette Lee, TREC

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