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Allocating Shared Operating Expenses

Shared Allocation is the process of spreading your shared expenses such as rent and utilities across your programs and other cost centers. By using shared allocation, each program shows its full costs. This toolkit shows you why this is important and how to do it.

Budgeting as a Strategic Tool

Resources are tight, and conservation groups need a robust budget tool designed to help them plan for the year ahead. TREC’s budget template is an easy-to-use budgeting tool that makes developing a budget more accurate while using far less staff time to prepare it.

Decisiveness and Decision-Making

Decisiveness is one of the most valued traits in a leader. Learn more about the process of how we make decisions, where we can get hung up, and how to become more decisive, as well as to create clearer decision-making processes amongst your team. In this tutorial, Kristi also unpacks the ways that our identities affect our relationship to decisiveness.


Wondering when to delegate, when not to, and how to delegate in a way that sets people up for success so that you get the results you’re hoping for? This tutorial walks you through how to set your team and staff up for success through clear, intentional delegation, which not only builds your organization’s ability to increase your impact and achieve results, but also builds the skill and the strength of the movement more broadly.

Demonstrating Financial Leadership

Two essential traits effective leaders demonstrate are dedication to their organization’s mission and finances, and the ability to evoke trust in effectively leading both. This tutorial will cover what to do and continue doing, and what you may be doing to undercut that leadership, and offer six steps to improve your financial leadership to your staff and board.

Diversifying Revenue Sources

Diversifying revenue is a good idea for many organizations; however, implementing diversification is not a one size fits all solution for every organization. This tutorial looks into when, why, and how your organization can benefit from diversifying revenue sources.

Fiscal Controls for Your Organization

Fiscal controls are critical to every organization to protect against fraud and also create solid financial systems and procedures. This short tutorial covers the how and why of fiscal controls.

Foundations of Management

Most conservationists and activists don’t have degrees in management, so we can struggle to create processes to set our staff up for success. This tutorial walks through a straightforward, five-part process that demystifies supervision and increases your ability to create a foundation for your staff that leads to more impact and less time spent dealing with personnel challenges.

Getting the Most Out of Your Grants

Since many organizations are grant dependent, meaning they rely upon grants for a large percentage of their revenue, it’s essential that these grants be formed in such a way that they sustain the organization overall. This short tutorial covers how to calculate and include the full costs of your programs into your grant budgets.

Hiring Process: Preparing, Seeking, and Assessing

The first of two short and informative video tutorial that walks you through the necessary steps you and your organization need to take to hire an individual to complement your organization. This tutorial covers Preparing, Seeking, and Assessing candidates.

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