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Adopting Your Strategic Plan

Formally adopting a strategic plan is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of a board of directors. This resource reviews the process between the planning committee, staff, and board from review to adoption of your new strategic plan.  

Board Term Limits

Rotation is a healthy and natural way of providing change and necessary transformation for boards. Regularly bringing in new board members helps keep away stagnation and provides the board opportunities for renewal. This resource reviews the importance of Board Term Limits and discusses the advantages and concerns to take into consideration for your Board.

Counting Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Accurate revenue forecasting is an essential, yet overlooked, aspect of sound organizational management. This brief report is a useful resource to help organizations think strategically about revenue generation using several different analytical tools.

Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

Feedback isn’t about “once-and-done.” An effective organization strives to create a feedback-rich culture which takes both organizational systems and leadership behaviors that are applied consistently over time. Systems support and sustain behaviors. Behaviors bring systems to life. Use this list to see where your organizations thrive and identify where you might need to focus on improving.

Creating Job Descriptions

TREC understands that accurate job descriptions form the basis for many aspects of an effective organization. Relevant and up to date position descriptions help every employee understand their duties, tasks, and responsibilities. TREC offers a guide to writing job descriptions, a sample job description, and a template to help your organization.

Donor-Centered Direct Mail: Creating Warm and Fuzzies for Donors

With the millions of pieces of direct mail sent out every year, your job is to have your letter rise above all the rest. This resource will help you look at some ways to make your appeals outshine the rest and bring better returns.

Executive Director Turnover, Resignation, and Termination

Turnover is inevitable, at all levels and for different reasons from retirement, job changes, and termination. Organizations and boards need to be prepared to handle any turnover, especially at the senior level.

Exit Interviews

When an employee leaves your organization, it can be useful to hold an exit interview. Information gained from this process can help you fine tune elements of your organization.

Financial Board Reports

A guide on how to present financials to the nonprofit Board of Directors. Includes a draft financial narrative, how to create a budget to actual report, and more.

Fundraising Planning: Preparing for a Busy Year by Planning Ahead

The fundraising planning process begins with a broad road map for the year that lays out exactly where you must end up. Key points to consider are revenues generated from each fundraising activity; and how much time will be necessary to accomplish each objective.

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