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Decision-Making for Equity and Inclusion Activity

As leaders in the workplace, each choice you make is an opportunity to lean further into your values to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, AND belonging at our organizations. This resource includes two sequential exercises to learn about equity-minded leadership and how to embed it into your decision-making. It is meant for individuals who are key decision-makers within their organization such as an executive director or program manager. It can be adjusted for a group by choosing one decision to use as an example throughout the exercises.

From Ally to Accomplice

This is a DEI learning resource that includes one exercise to understand what it means to be an ally and introduce the concept of an accomplice. It is meant for teams that are already engaged in DEI learning that have an intermediate understanding of personal and systemic power and privilege.

Indigenous Lands Activity

This activity invites you to have a team discussion about the history of the lands you inhabit, the historical and present day contributions of the Indigenous peoples’ in those territories, […]

Intersectionality and DEI

When we think critically about the intersections between climate change and race, class, gender identity, etc., we can really root into our values as organizations that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work. Embracing intersectionality is an opportunity to deepen our commitments to DEI by exposing inequities and systemic failures to flip the status quo. Intersectionality is one tool of many that we have to avoid replicating existing social and economic power structures that perpetuate oppression and discrimination. This is a DEI learning resource that includes one pre-work activity to be completed individually and two group exercises on personal identity, power, and privilege. It is meant for organizations that are early in their DEI learning who are developing an understanding of the foundations of DEI. It can also be adapted for individual learning.

Preparing for Courageous Conversations & Personal Influence Activity

Issues of race, gender, ethnicity, and identity are personal, sensitive, and can be emotionally challenging to address, no matter how our individual experiences impact our world views, how we relate […]

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