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Adopting Your Strategic Plan

Formally adopting a strategic plan is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of a board of directors. This resource reviews the process between the planning committee, staff, and board from […]

Change Team DEI Development Plan Template

A written plan of action is essential for individuals or teams working to increase diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). DEI team workplans or development plans bring clarity to expectations, enrich feedback and review processes, and help align each team member’s tasks with the DEI team goals. Once your goals are written, create a work plan using this sample DEI Development plan template to track activity and report on progress.

Gain Perspective of Your Organization While Strategic Planning

During your Strategic Planning process, it essential to take the time to step back and gain perspective of your organization’s effectiveness. TREC uses an Organizational Ecology Model to assess key […]

Getting Started: Forming Your Team and Focus for the Strategic Plan

Start your strategic planning right by engaging the right people, setting realistic timelines, and having the right conversations from the start. This resource assists in the formation of a planning […]

Introduction to Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can be the most valuable investment of time and energy your group ever makes. With TREC’s Strategic Plan guide, we offer ideas for making the most of your […]

Marrying Financial Planning to Strategic Planning

This tutorial reviews the key components of linking strategic planning to financial planning. We’ll examine approaches to strategic planning from Good Enough to The Works; and also how to budget for revenue gaps and surpluses, determine where to put your fundraising focus, and determine the sustainability of each of your programs.

Milestones for DEI Change Teams

Use this guide to assess and track the progress of cultural change initiatives that are guided by a DEI change team. It is organized in three common phases: the foundational phase, the experimentation phase, and the integration phase. In all three phases, it is critical to keep the staff and board informed of progress and to eliminate roadblocks. The Executive Director, senior leadership team, and Board of Directors must also sponsor and support in all phases.

Organizational Health Review Assessment & Model

What does a heathy organization look like? What are the most important indicators of organizational health in each of the three main foci of your organization – program, people, and […]

Planning for Uncertainty

We are operating during unprecedented times and it is difficult to know what the scope and impact from COVID-19 will be. However, your organization can prepare for the unknown impact and changes now and adjust as needed when more is known and revealed. This tutorial walks you through critical steps and scenario planning to take now to prepare for the uncertainty ahead.

POPP: Strategic Planning Tool for Meetings

POPP is a simple tool that helps focus and clarify the essential elements of a meeting: the purpose, the desired outcome, the people involved, and the process that will be used.

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