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Allocating Shared Operating Expenses

Shared Allocation is the process of spreading your shared expenses such as rent and utilities across your programs and other cost centers. By using shared allocation, each program shows its full costs. This toolkit shows you why this is important and how to do it.

Budget Template

Conservation groups understand that resources are tight and that they need a robust budget tool designed to help plan for the year ahead. The TREC Budget Template is an easy-to-use budgeting tool to develop a more accurate budget while using far less staff time.

Budgeting as a Strategic Tool

Resources are tight, and conservation groups need a robust budget tool designed to help them plan for the year ahead. TREC’s budget template is an easy-to-use budgeting tool that makes developing a budget more accurate while using far less staff time to prepare it.

Cash-Flow Projections Template

Knowing when during the year you are facing surpluses and deficits is critical to making wise decisions for your organization and your programs. Learning how to predict cash flow and present an accurate financial picture of your organization is essential. This easy-to-use tool makes developing accurate cash flow projections simple and straight-forward.

Compensation Setting Policy | Sample

Given the recent scrutiny that has been placed on non-profit executives, it is important to have a clear compensation policy for top officials and key employees. The policy should outline who determines key officials compensation and the comparable data used to determine the compensation.

Conflict of Interest | Sample Policy & Disclosure Statement

Webster defines a Conflict of Interest as a “conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust.” It is imperative that every organization is aware of all of these conflicts and does its due diligence to manage them upfront. Clear policies and Annual Disclosure Statements are helpful tools for an organization to protect itself from any conflicts.

Demonstrating Financial Leadership

Two essential traits effective leaders demonstrate are dedication to their organization’s mission and finances, and the ability to evoke trust in effectively leading both. This tutorial will cover what to do and continue doing, and what you may be doing to undercut that leadership, and offer six steps to improve your financial leadership to your staff and board.

Diversifying Revenue Sources

Diversifying revenue is a good idea for many organizations; however, implementing diversification is not a one size fits all solution for every organization. This tutorial looks into when, why, and how your organization can benefit from diversifying revenue sources.

Financial Board Reports

A guide on how to present financials to the nonprofit Board of Directors. Includes a draft financial narrative, how to create a budget to actual report, and more.

Financial Health Dashboard

Does your board understand your financial position and reports? Do they know what’s important to track to stay informed on the financial health of your organization? Help your board and others stay informed on your organization’s reserves, budgets to actuals, and cashflow with an easy to use and understand Financial Dashboard.

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